Outwork the Competition

At Tom Shaw Performance, we promise to work harder than anyone else in the business, and that’s the attitude we want to instill in each one of our athletes.  We want to make sure they understand that they aren’t just competing with the other athletes in our training camps, they’re competing with athletes all around the country.  Every day, we want our athletes to wake up knowing that there is someone waiting for them to slip up, to make a mistake so that they can take their spot.  To keep that from happening, an athlete must train harder, eat better, run faster, jump higher and be more productive than the men standing behind them.  The world is full of great athletes, but we strive to help our athletes set themselves apart from the competition.  At Tom Shaw Performance, we work hard to make sure our athletes are in the best position possible to succeed as elite athletes, and we expect the same committment from our athletes.