Private Training Package

The Private Training Package is offered to those who are interested in a specialized program designed to fit the specific needs on the days that fit ones schedule. This program is one that will be designed by Coach Tom Shaw to build on your specific needs. The program will still have a major focus on your running technique, speed, quickness, agility, reaction, as well as develop explosiveness and strength. During the training program, the athletes will have plenty of time to get the special one on one attention and work on any changes recommended.

Private Training Package includes:

  • Performance Training with Coach Tom Shaw and Staff
    • Intensive Speed Training
    •  Explosive Power
    • Quickness and Agility
    • Increasing Muscular Strength
    •  TSP Shirt
  • Personalized weight training workout program
  • Access to Medical Staff
    • Athletic Trainer on-site
    • Orthopaedic office visits

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